Branding & Corporate Identity

If it comes to your business name & identity, leave it to us. Branding is what we do best……..​

Branding & Corporate Identity

With the perfect combination of well-talented graphic designers & Corporate Identity experts, Bit&Bits is proud to present you the most market efficient creative and exotic out of-the-box ideas.

A corporate identity is a reflection to your company’s image. In Bit&Bits, we give great attention to representing your company’s quality representation in order to deliver the right message to your prospective customers.

Branding is not simply the creations of the corporate logo and the construction of the corporate marketing & sales kit; it is much deeper than that. Branding is a whole guideline that is perfectly designed and applied to guarantee your Corporate Identity success.

Bit&Bits will professionally create successful Corporate Identity design positively contributing to the whole enterprise’ success; this by giving your company’ brand name instant credibility and recognition.

Bit&Bits offers your business the perfect customized branding packages that perfectly satisfy your business needs.

We have the pleasure to personally present you with our services, just fill up the call me back form and we will get to you immediately.


Our Process

Branding & Design Process

Creating the graphic design that best meets the Client needs involves a creative process that relies on significant Client involvement. We propose a four stages process to create the design best suited to meet the Client’s needs.


Bit&Bits design team will discuss the design project and collect information regarding the goal of the design project, branding and messaging themes, intended audience, and other relevant specifics including existing positive and negative examples.

Concept Design

Applying the information gathered in the research stage, Bit&Bits will Provider different design concepts approaches for initial evaluation, review, and discussion.
The Client can select a design “as is” to move forward with final design, suggest some specific changes to a design (i.e. color changes- rendering adjustments) or combine elements of the concept designs to move toward a final design.

Final Design

Once a concept approach is selected and approved, Bit&Bits will implement the concept in a fully realized design element/deliverable.


Bit&Bits will present and review the final design with the Client and make any tweaks and adjustments on the deliverable design.
If the Concept phase was successful then changes to the Final Design should be minor.
Once the design element/deliverable is acceptable the associated files are delivered the graphic design project is complete.

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