Without the talent, technology is worthless

Our Team

A mix of creativity, efficiency and a dedication to businesss development, It is not just the number but the quality of our employees. In Bit&Bits, we are confident to say that we have the best talented professionals in the feild.

Our team is selected based on their creativity, experience and commitment; in addition, to their solid skills and innovative mindset.

In Bit&Bits, our people aren’t just our greatest valuable asset, they are yours too & you can count on them.

In Bit&Bits, our team members are the asset and quality of the company. We invest in our people to reach the highest level of expertise. You will feel these out-standing talents working together and united buy one common goal, to achieve your project’s success.

To take advantage of this valuable highly selective team, contact us now and we will get to you

Sherihan Hayaly


Menna Assem


Mohamed Hafez

Regional Business Developer Manager

Karima Moahmed


Mohamed Abou Hussien

Director of Operations

Kamel Mohamed

Digital Marketing Strategist

Dalia Eid

Head of Social Media

Rawan Anwar

Head of Marketing

Hassan Abuelmajd

Art Director/Creative Lead

Marwan Amr

Graphic Design

Alaa Elbeih

Content Creator

Amena Ibrahim

Community Associate

A Passionate Work Culture​

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