Reservation System

Online reservation system for Golf, sports, car rental, spa, clinic appointment, cinema, travel tickets and more........

Online Reservation System

The Internet has become an easy and simple way to finish many of the daily tasks while saving time and effort and in the comfort of your home or office. Now you can reserve your seat in a cinema or your appointment to a clinic without leaving your seat.

Bit&Bits has developed a variety of applications to online reservation. B&BORS is a web-based reservation engine that can be tailored to meet client requirements.

Key Features:
  • Robust Engine
    Based on the latest security and advanced features of Microsoft’s SQL 2000 database server.
  • Complete control
    By defining different user roles to grant explicit levels of access and authority.
  • Dynamic schedules
    Ability to frequently update any schedules and times. Each unit head controls his own schedule online.
  • Online Users Profile
    Registered users have their own areas to monitor the past activities on the site.
  • Ready-To-Print Reports
    Comprehensive reports on the system users and their activities. Useful for data mining, better decision-making and marketing purposes.

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