Web Based e-Learning

Creating, managing, tracking, delivering, and assessing enterprise-wide e-Learning, whether in the classroom or online.

Web based e-Learning System

The e-Learning System is the first complete e-learning infrastructure for creating, managing, tracking, delivering, and assessing enterprise-wide e-learning, whether in the classroom or online.

Course Home Page
  • Instructor inputs and displays course description with Rich Text Editor
  • Shows names of instructors, teaching assistants
  • Quick links to recent assignments, lecture notes, discussion forums, etc.
  • Customizable Layouts/Fields (by administrators and instructors only)
  • Classroom/course name Instructor and teaching assistant name
  • Instructors and administrators can customize course pages to a large degree.
  • Pick your modules: Lecture Notes, Evaluations, Forums, Calendars, Marks, Live Lectures, etc.
  • Marking method: Percentage Method or Strands (Categories)
  • Course level and department
  • Rich Text Editor (WYSIWYG) for course description, supporting images (pictures)
  • Course location and times
  • Required and suggested texts
  • Course objectives, requirements, etc
  • Grading policies, attendance policies, etc.
  • Favorite links relevant to the course
Online Quizzes/Tests:
  • Add online quizzes/tests and customize your questions and answers.
  • Create true/false, multiple choice, matching, short answers, and even essay type quizzes/tests
  • Results will automatically update online mark calculator
  • View statistics of quiz/test results to identify student weak areas
  • Configure the number of times quiz/test can be taken
Online Submission Assignments:
  • Avoid paper assignments; submit assignments electronically
  • View the plagiarism report in a split-screen and determine how much content is suspected to have been plagiarized.
  • Automatically notifies instructor when an assignment has been submitted online (optional/configurable)
  • Students can confirm their assignments have been successfully submitted, and has the option to upload multiple versions, and even multiple files for one assignment
  • Instructors can detect plagiarism with a click of the mouse
Traditional Evaluations:
  • Evaluations such as paper tests, assignments, presentations, and participation grades can be added
  • Instructor would manually input grades/results into the mark calculator
Automatically Updated
  • Creation of evaluations automatically update built-in calendar
  • Has option to remind learners and instructors as due dates approach
  • Can manually enter in events
Automatically Updated
  • Pick Your Calendar Views and Layouts
  • View by day, week, month, and year
  • Navigate by using friendly icons
  • One-click access from calendar page to actual evaluations and events

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