Track how much time you and your staff spend on different projects and tasks.

Time Management System

Interactive Ensemble’s Time Tracker is the application to track how much time you and your staff spend on different projects and tasks.

Thanks to precise time tracking and accounting you can quickly and precisely calculate time spent on different tasks. You can bill your clients on time based on real reports. You can plan your working day better and be more effective in managing your time as you see, where your time is gone. And of course, you get more free time by organizing it more efficiently.

We use the system to keep track of our own time, as do many of our satisfied clients. TMS not only keeps track of your time, but keeps you informed about what changes need to be made to improve office productivity. All data can be exported to your favorite banking program in order to keep all your financial data in a centralized location.

B&BTMS also walks you through the process of reviewing, preparing, and generating invoices that you can immediately send to clients. Any customized work you need can be provided quickly and within your budget.

  • Intuitive web-based interface
  • User-defined “Hot List” to facilitate task switching
  • Online invoicing system
  • “Today’s Summary” automatically generated
  • User-defined summaries allowed based on Project or date range
  • Easy to use for all employees
  • Centralized time tracking system
  • Web-based administrative interface
  • Flexible enough for many service businesses

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